Do you Advertise that your Property 'Probably' has No Security System.

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Its a strange way to put the question but.... do you advertise that your property 'probably' has no security system?

It's amazing how many people are doing just that, and I think it could be much more dangerous than not saying that you have a security system, if you see what I mean!!!

There are many ways to improve the security of your property and there are hundreds of companies out there actively selling their extensive range of sophisticated motion and smoke detection systems linked to the police, and fire service computers.

With the security system package and electronic gadgetry and sensors comes the little set of window stickers and, often, the metal shields that are attached to metal rods and can be stuck in the ground near the front yard steps, or front door. Perfect. Surely no one with evil intentions will dare step past that!!

Many of us have signed up for the special introductory offer and many have decided not to continue the service after some period of time. There are, after all, many better things to spend that $30 a month on...... aren't there?

So, months go by and, whether we are advised or not, the company we signed for is bought by another security company, and that is, in turn purchased by yet another, etc, etc,. Having canceled our contract we really don't care who owns who, do we?

However, we do leave the stickers in the windows and we do leave the shield in the front yard for eternal protection.

Having just walked a substantial part of my own neighborhood it struck me how many properties are displaying the little window stickers and metal signs declaring that company 'X', or company 'Y' was monitoring their home. The stickers are grubby and peeling, and the metal shield is leaning over and covered in mold, and/or is partially obstructed by an overgrown shrub. Clues?

But take a look at the names on these stickers and shields. An extremely high number of those companies went out of business long ago, or were bought by another company several years ago and no longer exist. So what are those stickers and signs really telling us?

For my money they are shouting out the big probability that the property actually has no security system at all.

If I had ulterior motives perhaps these would be good properties to monitor!!

You could be doing the owners a great service by getting them to remove them.

If you believe this topic has merit it may be worth bringing up at the next neighborhood association meetings, or adding to your newsletters etc.

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