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Should I bring my home inspector back for the final walk through?

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A final walk through is an often over looked and sometimes mistreated part of the home buying process.  Many buyers simply take a 20 minute walk through of the house right before the closing.  This is a mistake.

A final walk through serves many purposes.

- Make sure all agreed upon repairs are completed.

- All appliances and warrantied items are operating properly.

- Confirm that the home is in the same condition as it was when the contract was executed.



That being said, a final walk through is not an inspection.  You've already done that.  So there's no need for you to bring your home inspector back with you.

Here are a few tips for your final walk through :

- Take a copy of your contract with you so you can refer to it, if needed, to make sure all agreed upon repairs have been completed.

- Start with the exterior.  Visually inspect to make sure everything looks the same as it did when you signed contracts, including landscaping.

- Check the heating/AC systems.

- Check all major appliances.

- Check all faucets for proper pressure and leaks.

- Flush all toilets.

- Open and close all windows and doors.

- Turn all lights on and off.

- Check the ceilings for any signs of leaks.

Take your time.  If you're agent is rushing you through, tell them to stop.  This is one of the largest financial investments you will make in your life.  Don't get excited if problems do arise at your final walk through.  Talk to your agent or attorney before closing.  Never do your final walk through an hour before the closing.  Always do it at least 24 hours before closing.  This way if a problem does arise, you and the seller have time to work it out.