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Tips for a Dry Basement

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  1. Water runs downhill.  If water is getting into your basement, you need to see what you can do to direct the water away from your exterior basement wall.

  2. Grade around your foundation.  That means get some fill dirt and distribute it along your exterior foundation wall, especially in areas where moisture is getting in.  Tamp it down hard on an angle sloping away from your foundation.  You want water to run away from the house.  The best soil for this is poor clay soil which is terrible for gardening.  You can often get this for free from construction sites.  Repeat this grading procedure every few years.  Rain will be running down your exterior walls and washing the grading away.

  3. If you have a serious problem, consider installing French drains and a sump pump (or two, or more).  I just sold a house with four sump pumps.  If you are considering French drains, get multiple bids.  I suggest at least three bids.  I remember one project where the first bid I got was for $16,000.  I had the job done for $1,600.

  4. You may solve your problem with just French drains and no sump pump.  Get professional advice.

  5. Consider having a home inspector look at your problem.  These people normally come from a construction background, but they are not trying to sell you services.  They are prohibited from referring you to service providers.

  6. If you decide that you need a sump pump—or, especially if you need plural sump pumps—invest in a backup generator also.  Otherwise, if you get a severe rainstorm and your power goes out, you will get water in your basement.  Consider the value of the finishes in your basement and/or the items stored there on the floor versus the cost of the generator.  Storing items up off the floor on pallets is a great idea and a cheap one if your basement is unfinished but you want to take care of your stored items.

  7. If you find out that your home is on top of an underground water source, get flood insurance and do as much on this list as you can afford.




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