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Everyone agrees that good communication is a vital part of the transaction 

process.  It is not uncommon for deals to be lost and relationships challenged as 

a result of misunderstandings or assumptions.  


Once you have hired a professional and the Agreement has been signed…both you and your Realtor are part of a "team effort" to reach your goal of buying or selling a home at an acceptable price.  Through a series of questions a Realtor should have an understanding of their client’s wants and needs.  Sometimes a client will raise expectations once they feel their Realtor knows the details of what they hope for and expect so this is not the time to sit back and wait.  Your Realtor depends on your input.  As in most jobs they are very busy but are working diligently on your behalf so don’t be afraid to ask for an update. 

Your Realtor understands this and will be happy to keep you informed.


Buying and selling can be a long and detailed process that requires all parties to respond in a timely manner.  Sometimes either party may not always be available but even a short communication will show a desire to stay in touch.  Emails and texts are a great advantage but we must keep them precise and proof them before we hit “send”.   If after two messages we are not communicating…pick up the phone!  Though not always possible, speaking to someone directly allows them to hear the tone of your voice insuring better communication.  It is easy to read an emotion into a typed message that may or may not exist.


Concerning the market - Ron Washington, Manager of the Texas Rangers once said  "play the game that baseball gives you."   For the buyer and the seller the market is defined as what a buyer is willing to pay for a like home in that immediate area...not based on the national trend or the media reports.  Buyers and sellers sometimes start with a mindset based on what they have read, experienced or need from the sale.  A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) will reflect the current average selling price of homes in that neighborhood and sometimes a Realtor will struggle with trying to bring a balance between their client’s needs and what is going on in the market.  To stay in the game the client must be willing to adjust in order to reach their goals.   A good Realtor will try to keep their client on course based on what was discussed but will also adjust to changes the client may make…so again communication is key.


Buying and selling a home can be fun and also challenging at the same time.  Hurdles are unavoidable but good teamwork creates a since of trust that helps to insure the client's final goal is reached.

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