My mom, my Hero!

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Yesterday our immediate family gathered at Doheny beach, CA to remember and honor my mom. Mom left earth and went to heaven march 12, 2104. I had the privilege of being with her all night and at 5 am just after the morphine was replenished I read her devotions from her devotional my Dad had left. I prayed out loud and let her know she's loved, that as a family we were honored and blessed to call her mom and let her know we'd take care of if she was ready to go ahead and meet Jesus finally face to face! Then a friend had sent the song YOUR GRACE FINDS ME.

I held her hand as I had all night and I'd like to think she heard the song. At the end of the song I looked at her and realized she had breathed her last and been ushered into heaven.

Why my mom is my hero?

She loved The Lord with all her heart

She never gave up

she lived with immense physical pain and yet she continued to seek God and put her faith in Him

she had 4 kids in 5 yrs

she was married 53 years to one man, my dad

she went through heartache and yet her faith was strenghtened

at the end when she was stooped over in half and couldn't hold her head up she'd look at us from the side as we'd help her with the basics and yet, still thank us

some of her last words to me were, I'm not able to do much so I sit and pray for my family all day...I told her that is the mightiest action anyone ha the ability to do..and to keep it up! we will CELEBRATE her life with family and friends. We call it a celebration because she gave her life to Jesus...and knew the hope and joy we find in Him and had the blessed assurance of knowing where she was going.

Mom, I want to be like you...and one day Ill be joining you.

Whose your hero and why?

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Bruce Hicks
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It sounds like your mom was a true blessing to all around her.  My dad went to be with the Lord Jan 2013.  I understand your feelings.  God Bless!


Apr 04, 2014 11:52 PM