That List price just isn't going to work for me. I have to net "X"!

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I head into a Listing Presentation in the same manner that I would head into a classroom.  Prepared to educate my potential clients.  I work under the assumption that I am the professional and therefore will most likely have a better understanding of the local Palm Springs Valley market.

I have found most potential Sellers to be much more educated about the market than they were years ago.  The Internet is largely responsible for this and it pleases me to think that people are doing their own research.  There is a consistent theme however, amongst certain Sellers..we've all heard it..

"But at the price you are mentioning to list at, I cannot Net the $100,000 I have to have!"

There are two ways this presentation can progress..or not. 

1.  I run realistic numbers, a realistic scenario with regards to time frames and we come to a satisfactory list number once they understand that I am basing my list number on FACTS and experience.  All good!

2.  Same as #1 above, BUT the Seller insists that their home is more valuable than any of the other recently SOLD ones and therefore will sell for more.  "We don't NEED to sell if we can't net our number!" 

I don't tend to take the listings of a Seller who leans toward #2 above.  It is a no win, as the seller gets mad at the List Agent who DOES take it, and many times I've found that I get the call later..once the home has sat for awhile. 

I don't want to stick my sign in the ground and do my extensive marketing for a practice drill..I want to Sell your home!

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