Termites and Leakage Free Basement

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Majority of homes may have at least one or more locations along the perimeter of the building where the grading is moreover flat or slopes backward toward the structure. Once the ground next to the foundation is flat or slopes to the structure, it makes the soil to stay moist. Wet soil can double or triple the stress towards the foundation wall.


This shared with expansive soil or packed sub-soils can lead to breaks, movements and eventually leakage. The grading or drainage should be modified to avoid this. The grading and drainage should be slope away from the foundation at least 6 inches in the first 10 inches on every sides.


Due to landscaping, mulch and flower beds in more homes do possess one or more areas where the soil level was too high at the foundation. Excellent building practices propose that there is as a minimum of 6” to 8” clearance from the soil and the siding to aid in preventing moisture damage or pest entry. A home owner should regrade any appropriate areas as necessary.

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