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I’m Joe Rickert and I serve as the Franchise Operations Manager for Look Inside Realty Franchise, a full service realty brokerage with a specialty in helping investors acquire properties at the foreclosure auction.

I’m a licensed real estate agent and have several years’ experience buying homes and office buildings at foreclosure auctions, both for myself and for investor clients of INFOclosure.com.

The auctions are the only place I know where you can buy homes and other properties for much less than the market value. You won’t find these deals on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that most real estate agents use exclusively to find properties for sale for their clients.

Real estate investors are very different from your normal retail buyer. They don’t care about the color of the carpets and window coverings. They only care about if the numbers work so that they can do whatever repairs need to be done, and then sell at a profit, or keep as a rental for monthly income.

Regular real estate agents don’t know how to work with investors and don’t know about these gems that are going to be sold at the foreclosure auctions that happen every business day in nearly every county in the US.

Our franchisees learn this market from top to bottom and discover everything from formulas to evaluate properties and determine the right bid, to winning bidding strategies. They also learn how to make money on every transaction the investors make; there is a commission to earn when they buy, and later when they are ready to sell.

When our franchisees open up shop, they become a magnet to investors who are happy to pay their fees to work with people who know what the investors need and want and how to get it, and do the actual bidding at the auctions on their behalf.

I’m passionate about helping prospective franchisees evaluate this opportunity and work with them on the entire process of training them and assisting them with setting up their business.

If you'd like to know more, please contact me here on Activerain, or call me at 800-561-1251. Also please take a look at our website: 


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Graziella Bruner
NCS Premier Real Estate - Detroit, MI
Associate Broker - Serving Wayne & Oakland County

Good afternoon Joe R - Welcome to the RAIN! I wish you much success in this business.  You'll find AR very informative and a great way to meet new friends out here in the RAIN!  Again, welcome and Enjoy the RAIN!

Apr 09, 2014 04:09 AM
Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School
Rowlett Real Estate School - Panama City, FL
Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor

Hi Joe, Welcome to ActiveRain, I'm sure you will have much success here!

Apr 25, 2014 09:04 PM