Contract Series Paragraph 12

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George Clements ~ Greenville, SC Real Estate 


Paragraph 12 of the Contract For Sale deals with personal property and looks something like this: 

12. PERSONAL PROPERTY, FIXTURES, ETC.: No personal property will be transferred or conveyed as a part of this ale, except as referenced in MLS or listed herein:___________.  Personal property should be transferred or sold separately by a Bill of Sale.


Examples of personal property that are commonly listed here are things like washer/dryer, lawn mower, picnic table, refrigerator, or some thing that really goes well with the rest of the house.  MLS sheets list which appliances convey with the property.  Stoves and dishwashers are almost always included but washer/dryer and refrigerators are only offered about half of the time.  According to this phrase, if personal property is listed in the MLS then it comes with the sale of the property.  

If you are not sure what category a particular item in your house would fall into, just let me know and we'll get an answer for you.