Real Estate Franchises Are Slow To Innovate?

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Real estate franchises are slow to innovate. If you look at the top real estate franchises they all do pretty much the same thing, and try to be everything to everybody.

But some of the firms that are very successful follow a very rare marketing philosophy: When you want to move ahead of the pack, think niche.

In the real estate world, there are some companies that do this well. Some specialize in luxury homes, some specialize in commercial real estate, but most of the real estate franchises are just open to whomever walks in the front door.

I am franchise operations manager for Look Inside Realty, a full service real estate brokerage, with a specialty in working for investors, and helping them acquire property at the foreclosure auctions.

Why investors? Because in the past five years, investors have accounted for nearly half of all real estate transactions. Also real estate investors are a very underserved market. Few agents know what they want and how to find it.

The best deals, in fact maybe the only deals that fit an investors needs are available at the foreclosure auctions, and they are not on MLS.

Almost every property in MLS is at market value. Investors, especially fix and flip investors, need a large spread between the price of acquisition and the price they can sell if for after the fix. Try finding that on MLS!

Look Inside Realty franchisees know the auction, and they know what investors want, and become a magnet to the investor community. To get more information, visit

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