For Sale Signs and Forsythia - Home Selling Season in Bloom by Edgar M. Roberts, Jr. - NC Licensed Home Inspector, owner Altamont Inspections, LLC

Home Inspector with Altamont Inspections, LLC

Drive down nearly any road in western North Carolina this time of year and there they are. Next to the beautiful blooming yellow-bells, For Sale signs grace the yards of eager homeowners hoping for a smooth sale.  While home sales typically increase during the spring and summer months, that doesn't mean its time for home sellers to rest on their (mountain) laurels. Home sellers need to be one step ahead of their competition.  A Seller's Inspection from Altamont Inspections helps sellers tend to concerns in their home early on so there won't be any negotiating stumbling blocks later.

NC Licensed Home Inspector Eddie Roberts says, "Most homeowners don't venture into their crawlspace or attic. Right before closing is not the time to discover an unwanted surprise."

Seller's Inspections are also positive marketing tools that can be used to attract potential buyers.  Savvy home sellers who make their inspection reports available during the selling process can provide peace of mind to prospective buyers. Altamont Inspections' reporting software enables Real Estate agents to link the inspection report to the seller's online MLS listing, creating an informational marketing tool and making the home more attractive to the growing number of online home shoppers.

But, there are even more benefits to having a Seller's Inspection.

1. It allows homeowners to see their home through the eyes of a critical third-party.

2. It avoids closing delays.

3. It may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency; therefore, speeding up the sale.

4. It may alert homeowners to items of immediate personal concern, such as radon gas or bacteria in the well water.

5. It reduces homeowner liability by adding professional supporting documentation to the disclosure statement.

6. It may alert homeowners to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour the home.

In a hot market like Asheville, Hendersonville and Lake Lure, North Carolina, the key to selling a home is early preparation.

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