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The universal symbol of both welcome and hospitality to any home in the world is the Pineapple. 

The pineapple was name for its cylindrical shape and rough spiky exterior similar to the pine cone.  It was one of the gifts that Christopher Columbus brought back from his trip from Guadeloupe.

The pineapple was used during Colonial times as a dinner table centerpiece.  It showed the visitors coming for the dinner that they were welcomed guests in the home.  

Probably the most well known historical use of the pineapple was with the seafaring captains.  When the captain of a ship had returned back home, he would impale a pineapple onto the top of the fence rail.  This would let his fellow friends and neighbors know the captain was back in port and ready for receiving guests at his home. 

When I am showing homes, I enjoy seeing a pineapple related item at the front of the home.  It shows that we might be strangers in their home, but we are welcomed guests during the time we are at the home. 

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Laura, Nice explanation of the pineapple as a welcome symbol.

Apr 16, 2014 12:34 PM