Becoming a Real Estate Agent Has Made Me A Better Person

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Becoming a Real Estate Agent Has Made Me A Better Person

That sounds trivial and sappy, but it's true. How so? Let me tell you the many ways...

1. I'm more organized and function at a higher level than before.

2. I care more about people and focus on understanding their needs. I make an effort to anticipate and solve their problems.

3. Patience has become a virtue. I don't have much choice. But now it's not a struggle.

4. My confidence has increased exponentially. Having kids made me a little more outgoing; now that I'm a realtor I talk to strangers everywhere.

5. My kids are proud of me. This is not my first career rodeo. I spent a good 10 years giving my all to raise them, in between part-time jobs to maintain my sanity. I am now a single mom and they see me taking care of business.

6. I tend to see the good in people in situations more than ever before. My faith in the process of life has broadened.

7. I have met many good people that have become friends and mentors. They have helped me gain skills that I have carried over into everyday life.

8. I appreciate the moments I get to spend with people I love. I don't have time for "glass half empty" syndrome.

There are so many more examples, but I don't want to go on and on. Real estate agents have a bad reputation in some circles, but this career has changed my life for the better. I look forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past. I never thought I'd have so much changing to do in middle age, nor that it would be so exciting and inspiring. I was only hoping to pay the bills, not find an affirming community of peers. I'm so lucky and thankful! (I would have never thought that two years ago).




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