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It is easier to do more, when things are simple.  Systems are great, until they become complicated.  Most Realtors are productive when what they do is simple. There has been a common theme in real estate and real estate technology, that the more you do for a client, the more "stuff" you give them, the more successful you will be.

All of this additional stuff often leads to analysis Paralysis.  We as Realtors think too much about what to do, instead of doing.  So what we at Track The Lead have set out to do, is keep Realtors business lives simple.  We intend to build a suite of tools that will help you to talk to and convert more clients, without all of the complications that people say you need.

The first part of the suite is the CRM, or Database Management System.  This Realtor Database is set up so that you, the Realtor, can use it from the start, with little to no training.  A simple walk through video, and short training videos, will be enough, that you will understand the system, and begin using immediately.  You can access these videos on the Track The Lead Blog as they become available.

Right now, you can use the system for FREE.  We want your feed back.  We want to know what you, the Realtor wants. Feel Free to sign up at  For our early users, you will have access for at least 3 months free, and then only $10 a month after that.

We are excited to bring this awesome experience to you.

Johnny Morrow, Track the Lead Realtor Broker

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