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Ok, ok.  Before all of my fellow Rainers tell me that there are already a lot of choices for Real Estate CRM's, or databases, let me just say it.  I know.

So then why did I decide to put forth a lot of time and effort into developing another one?  I did not like the choices available to me.  They are complicated, do a lot of things I don't want or need.  Yet I felt compelled to use them, and waist time.  So I asked Realtors in my office, what do you use with your current database.  The main answers I received was, call campaigns, email campaings and reminders.  Those were the main three.  When I asked about post cards, creating flyers, designing newsletters, all but one of the 20 I asked, did not use any of those three.

So I decided, with the help of fellow Realtor and Web Designer Frank Aguilar, to design a simple CRM system for Realtors, that flows and is easy to use.

With that being said.....



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Track the Lead

We are looking to fellow Rainers to give this a try, and provide feedback.  We want to make this product a simple and easy to use option for those Realtos who just want.... well... Simplicity.  We know that our product is not going to appeal to all Realtors, and that's fine.  But give us a try. 

Goto: and Register for your free account.  Don't worry, we'll ask for money later.  But if you sign up now, we'll only be asking for $10 a month.

Thank you.

Johnny Morrow, Realtor, Broker, Software Developer

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