What kinds of home inspections a buyer can do!

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Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Today I just wanted to do a quick video for all you homebuyers out there. I wanted to briefly discuss and present to you the many different options available for home inspections and to go over what other specialty inspections are available to you as a buyer.

We at www.CornerstoneRealtyChicago.com always recommend that all buyers get a general home inspection done as soon as possible after the contract has been accepted. And once the general inspection has been done, if other more specific inspections are required, you will know after that point. Please watch this quick video as it gives more in-depth detail to the inspection process and the options available to you as a buyer.


Thanks for watching! And as always if you have any questions regarding the homebuying or home selling process please let us know, we would love to help you! You can always reach us on our website at www.CornerstoneRealtyChicago.com or you can reach us by phone at 847-496-0081. 


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