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Want Brand New?

Great! Start by contacting me. Why? If you start by contacting the builder's sales rep, you may not be able to later bring me on to represent you!

Why do you need a Realtor when there is the builder's sales rep? It is very important to have someone working in your corner instead of just the builders. I can save you thousands in the upfront cost and additionally on the eventual re-sale of the property.

I can help find the right new construction community for you. See a list of just some of the new builds around northern Virginia here:

If you are looking at new construction, make sure to have a Realtor present at all times and get everything in writing. 

I have received many phone calls from buyers after they have already toured a new construction community and wanted info on financing, taxes, schools, value, etc. If you have already met with the builder sales representative, they have already "procured" you and we will not be able to fully represent you. I specialize in new home construction and will be able to offer you additional benefits that you would not have access to by going it alone.  



Here are some new home builder tips:

Upgrade Options - Pick and choose these wisely because they do not come cheap. The majority of the builder's profit come from upgrades from their standard products. This is because the standard materials come free but to upgrade you are paying a little over what a normal contractor would cost you to come install it later. So the builder gets paid more for the upgrade and gets to cut the standard material cost right out of their budget. Use the advice from your Realtor to pick out the most cost effective upgrades and get their opinion on what items will have the greatest resale value if upgraded.

The Builder's Contract - This will be a very lengthy document typically many times longer than the standard Realtor contract. Make sure you at least have your Realtor check this out and it is always wise to consult an attorney too. The builder's contract will have different deadlines that the buyer MUST follow or they could end up losing the house and their very large earnest deposit as well - THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT REASON TO HAVE A REALTOR ON YOUR SIDE.

Inspections - Just because it is new does not mean it should not be inspected. With new construction there are typically two different inspection times; first is at pre-drywall and the second is right before closing. The builder's contractors are not perfect and they can make mistakes too. Thoroughly test the home above and beyond a typical home inspection is recommended to catch every small drip or misaligned 2-by-4 BEFORE going to closing.


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