Tampa Bay Down Payment Assistance Programs

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This is a tough one. Well, for starters, when everything works out, it is an incredible feeling to help a buyer get $35k towards the purchase of their home. I work with almost every down payment assistance program known to Tampa Bay. It definently is an acquired taste. My first experience was with CDC Of Tampa (Look em up). This is a Non Profit organization that helps home owners facing foreclosure as well as first time home buyers. They have a free seminar every Monday at 6pm to educate prospective buyers on obtaining down payment assistance. I attended and was blown away from all the information I received. It changed my career as a Realtor. I learned about all the various lenders out there, and by the way SUB-PRIME LENDING is back. There are lots of programs to help buyers get into a home these days, however you must master each of their requirements and expectations for it to work. Also, all of them have income restrictions and other financial criteria that must be met in order to get approved. I am writing this to state that these programs are very real and do exist. Feel free to contact me for any information needed to make your situation successful.

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