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Online shopping is great and all, but do you ever wish you could feel the material of that adorable pillow on Etsy?  Are you too afraid to commit to the rug on because you doubt the color is quite as grey (or gray) as it looks on your computer screen? 

Go to At Home....

Formerly known as Garden Ridge - At Home is the new brand image that the Texas based company is testing in the St. Louis market. 

I always liked Garden Ridge... they had an excellent selection when it came to home accessories.  The store was full of things you didn't need.... but lots of stuff you wish you had.  (Or at least stuff you wish you had a need for...)

However, the massive warehouse filled with most anything you could want to accentuate your home:  lamps, curtains, vases, pillows, flower pots, candles, decorative boxes, mirrors, picture frames, rugs, and baskets - felt like a massive warehouse.  It didn't help matters that Garden Ridge's color scheme and methods of display closely resembled that of Home Depot.  Nearly every item for sale inside Garden Ridge clashed with the orange on the walls and signage - and as was often the case, the metal shelves and racks drew more attention than the merchandise.

With a fresh new blue welcoming you to At Home, the entire store just "feels" better.  They're still in the process of rearranging and upgrading their displays - but it's already night and day different.  Whereas Garden Ridge used to have several piles of area rugs on the floor - At Home has them hanging up on reachable displays.  At Home now has little room vignettes where you can see items from throughout the very categorized store displayed together in one setting.  And, the basket selection is much improved!

Even Matt, who always hated going to Garden Ridge, seemed to enjoy our walk through At Home.

I'll be the first to admit, it's still not a overly 'trendy' store.  You have to sift through a lot of stuff that may make you question aloud, "Who would actually buy this?!?"... but there are definitely some gems in there. 

Don't expect to furnish your house from At Home - and don't expect high-end materials.... but if you need a new lamp or something to hang over your fireplace - they've got you covered.  And... their prices are beyond reasonable.  I paid $9.99 for a cute pillow the other night.

To-date, I've only been to the Fairview Heights, IL location - but a little reading online implied that the company was converting two other St. Louis locations, too. 

Check it out.  Even if you're disappointed by my over-inflated love of this store - you'll still likely leave with something adorable in-hand.




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