How to Make Your Home Worth More in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN

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So, you are wondering how to make your home worth more in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, INHow To Make Your Home Worth More in Broad Ripple Indianapolis Indiana

Isn’t this the age old question?? Everyone thinks they know what the answer is, from personal opinion, to all of the flipping and HGTV shows that are so unrealistic.  Sellers often make the mistake of putting a ton of money into part of the house that may look nice and it may be what they like, but at the end of the day, it didn’t add any value. 


The biggest key to answering this question is knowing what the ‘norm’ is in your neighborhood and area.  Just because something added value in SoCal, doesn’t mean that it will do the same thing in Indianapolis.  And even then, the neighborhoods are so different, that you really have to know what the common/upgraded features of your area are.



For example…in Broad Ripple, more specifically, between Kessler Blvd and Broad Ripple Ave, you HAVE to have an upgraded kitchen.  The kitchens are relatively small since the homes were built in the beginning of last century, so they have to pop.  Putting that money into landscaping, decks or patios may help the curb appeal and may help a buyer will choose that house over another, but it will not add value to the home. 



One house I sold over there had laminate counter tops, older white appliances, navy blue paint, and vinyl flooring.  The market value of that house was $170,000.  The seller put in granite counter tops, ceramic tile flooring, new stainless steel appliances and painted it a neutral color (all picked out by the stager).  The whole thing cost her $4400.00 .  The house sold in 4 days for full price at $185,000.


In some areas it may be about making an open floor plan, and getting rid of the dining/living room combo in an older home.  Sometimes it’s about painting the whole house.  Kitchens usually trump bathrooms, but those are important too. There are so many possibilities and it is all neighborhood specific.  


If you are thinking about upgrading or doing some work to increase the value of your home, call your Realtor.  They will know the area the best since they are in and out of houses everyday and know what the buyers are looking for.  They will be able to guide you and your money so you make decisions that make sense and will make you more money in the end.


There is nothing worse than a client who calls me over to see their house after they put a TON of money into and I have to tell them that it didn’t do anything to the value…just the appeal. 


Check out some homes on the market now, and tell me what you think about the updated vs. dated kitchens.


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