Timing equals money

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When it comes to selling your home, timing and region can mean a lot! The potential of selling your home for top dollar in the middle of a record breaking cold temperature winter is not nearly as likely as obtaining top dollar in the middle of spring with blossoming tulips and cherry trees, happy birds chirping, and fresh air.We tend to see more multiple offer situations in the “peak” market times too, which can directly translate to obtaining even more money for your home than your list price.

Now, we’ve seen “Timing is everything” articles; however, I’ll always say “Pricing is everything”.  It can be the perfect day and the perfect buyer could drive right past your home because it is listed 5 or 10% too high. That’s a great way to fly under the radar. Even if you do get an offer at that price, will the home appraise at or above the offer price? You’d better ask your Realtor®.

In our market area – Greater Des Moines, Iowa – the majority of home sales take place in May through August. This 4 month window is the epitome of the term “make hay while the sun is shining”.Our spring rains wash away the brown, lifeless yards and naturally bathe the sandy streets, ultimately recharging Nature’s canvas with flowers, green grass, and the laughter of children playing in the sandbox. Children are typically out of school so parents can focus and not pull them from class for several days to pack, unpack etc…

Quick question – who wants to move in the middle of winter?

Let’s not get too quick to throw fall and winter under the bus. How beautiful is an oak or maple tree when the leaves are turning? Pumpkins and corn stalks litter entryways of a home begging for a new family. Or perhaps an evening showing when a home is outlined in sparkling lights, smells of warm cider, and a Christmas tree with evidence of good little boys and girls who are just bubbling with anticipation of their paper-ripping morning that is just a few “short” weeks away.W

inter sellers may have a bit more urgency to move which could translate in a quick closing. As the demand has lowered, so has inventory and we generally see a slump in prices and far fewer multiple offer situations. Some may refer to this as a bit of a “buyer’s market” where the buyer tends to have the upper hand in negotiations. The byproduct of a slower market is that all real estate driven businesses slow down a bit, so you may have an easier time scheduling a closing, or property inspection and so on.

If you are buying or selling in a southern state, perhaps winter is a great time as many of our northern folks like to go south for winter. As well as southern folks like to travel up north in the deep heat of summer.

Ultimately, seek the advice of your local Realtor®. Please work with an agent who knows and understands your market as regions will indicate differences in statistics. If you would like help finding a local agent, feel free to contact us at www.TheSteinickGroup.com

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