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Is it just me or are some of you out there noticing that attendance at your open houses are improving? Most all of the folks coming through the houses I've been holding open are more than willing to leave me contact information, which at times can be a challenge... but no offers!


It's like bees buzzing around a hive! They know the drill, they have a goal and yet their just circling, buzzing and circling some more. 


Interest rates are as good as they can be. There remain a number of flexible loan programs and some bolstered old stand-bys that have recently had life blown back in them with increased loan limits. The homes are at a prices reflecting great values in today's market and yet still the pospects circle, afraid to light.


Is it all the negative news at 6:00? Is it the uncertainty of an upcoming national election? Has the goal; of home ownership been made suspect by unsettled markets of late? 


What's the buzz around your hive? 

Michael (Mike) Elliott
Nottingham Real Estate Group - Hamilton, NJ

traffic is way up at the OH's.  DST has changed that for now.

Mar 25, 2008 02:22 AM
Royal Goodman
Royalty Home Solutions - Madera, CA
"We Treat You Like a King"
Paul. I actually think that the Central Valley in California is coming around. I just tell people not to listen to the news and all of the rumors. Just go out, look and if something looks good, smells good, has a good price, they can afford it, they have the credit to back it up, then buy it NOW. If not, someone else will. Thanks for your post, Royal..
Mar 25, 2008 03:36 AM