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Just this past week I met 2 professionals who are offering a service and product that I believe is never really thought of or taken seriously by the SENIOR and ACTIVE ADULT Community.These products are Long Term Care Insurance and Identity Theft Protection. Keep in mind that these are NOT for everyone but then again it is something to investigate or find out more about them.

Long Term Insurance provides a piece of mind that if a SENIOR or ACTIVE ADULT becomes sick, disabled or suffers from Dementia and they are admitted to an Assisted, Independent,CCRC or Memory Care Community that they have the Insurance to assist in paying for their care. Think about what the current annual rate is ( between 30K to over 100K ) depending on the area and level of Care provided. Can you Honestly say that you could afford this type of out of pocket expense for 1-3-5 or maybe 10 years from now? Look into your crystal ball 5-10-20 years out and what do you think the going rates are going to be? They easily could be double the current rate! What happens if you pay for Long Term Care and you never are able to use it. Just so you know there is a hybrid insurance policy that one could purchase that will pay either death benefits and/or be used for Long Term Insurance Care. At least then the annual premium payment is guaranteed! We never know what will happen to us in the future but being prepared and proactive is something to consider especially if you have family that will be left behind. Keep in mind it is less expensive when it is purchased in your mid 40's to 60's.

This next service was both a combination Protection for Legal Assistance and Identity Theft. Being a victim of Identiy Theft there is nothing charming about it. That is why still to this day I do not participate with online banking. The process to change passwords, change bank and credit card accounts and hope you are able to recover any monetary losses is not pretty. If you don't know already Florida is the number 1 state where Identity Theft originates and happens. The service also provides a Legal Hotline for you to call and have your questions or concerns answered. You never know what will arise in today's environment. If you need a Will drawn up, a power of attorney drafted, foreclosure assistance, car accident issues addressed all and much more can be answered with this service.

These are just a couple of Services and Products that all SENIORS AND ACTIVE ADULTS should consider as we grow older and planning for our FUTURE. for all your TRUSTED SENIOR AND ACTIVE ADULT RESOURCES!

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