There’s a benefit of being the Land of Mañana when it comes to Real Estate.

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Most visitors, who come to Santa Fe, think it's too expensive to buy a second home or a investment condo. True, there are expensive casita's and haciendas here and if you only look around the plaza, they’re pricey. Want most visitors don’t realize, if they scout around a bit, actually there are some pretty affordable homes and condos still available.

Santa Fe hasn’t bounced back as most destination communities quite yet. You know we’re the land of mañana but with little inventory in our neighboring states, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and incredible affordable interest rates, it won’t be long before more investors will be checking us out.  After 23 years of being in this business, I can tell you our roller coaster ride has not been as scary as other places. We bottomed out pretty much the last quarter of 2013, but there are some great deals if you know what you’re looking for. Most the quality “Bank owned” property are gone, but eager sellers who have been wanting to make the move, know this will be the summer to make it happen.

If you’ve been here, and get Santa Fe, now may be the time to see what’s available.  If you can handle driving about 5 to 6 miles into town to hang out at the plaza, as most of us do anyway, and have a budget of 250k or less, you might want to check out this link

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