Changing States!

Real Estate Sales Representative with Choice Realty of Tennessee

 On Balcony of my Penthouse listing

  1.  I sold real estate in Sarasota Florida for 21 years, high end homes and condos selling for millions! Decided to move to Tennessee where retired living would be less expensive, property taxes on a $300,000 home approx $580. Unbelievable! Home and auto insurance also less expensive. So we moved, yes culture shock!  yes you drive many more miles and yes listings can be at the top of a mountain 50 miles away. Soooo.. I buy a four wheel drive truck and a pair of boots, much to the amusement of my Sarasota co-horts. Property here in Crossville much less expensive than Sarasota so,commissions are much less especially on a $6,000 lot sale!  Driving Apoloosa Artex   the price you pay for change!

                                                           Driving Appaloosa Artex

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