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Now is the time to invest in residential homes inside Houston's 610 loop. In the past Houston might have been used as a picture perfect model of urban sprawl. The 1980’s and 1990’s saw an explosion in new home suburban development. This was mostly due to Houston’s explosive economy and ability to attract high paying industries. (Think: Houston’s Energy Corridor, Medical Center and the tremendous footprint left by Oil & Gas.) However, the past ten years have seen a reversal in population migration. The greatest density change has been inside the 610 loop, as new talent from outside the state moves to the city for business and Houston natives alike, re-inspire and renovate historic Houston neighborhoods, giving birth to places like MIDTOWN and EaDo.

The strong economy and highly attractive nature of Houston’s urban center make it ripe for investing in residential homes, as long as you know someone "in the loop", when it comes to residential investing inside Houston's 610 loop. Amy Lynch Kolflat serves and offices in MIDTOWN, and lives in Historic Freedman's town. There is not a stronger authority when it comes   to Houston's Urban Housing and development.

Currently there are two HOT areas for investing: EaDo and Midtown.

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Midtown is uniquely designed for urban living; it has walkability to some of the best of Houston’s restaurants and nightlife. More importantly access to Houston’s light rail system adds to the attraction of young upwardly mobile professionals. MIDTOWN is in an advance phase of development; the streets are lined with Townhomes and Condominiums, parks and shops. The area boasts a “hipness” that  attracts many investors. While MIDTOWN is becoming densely populated there are still many opportunities to find homes at a great price. It is a terrific area to invest in a property as a rental, due to the exquisite lure of the area. As with any area, knowing someone “in the loop” can help you find the perfect residential opportunity inside Houston’s 610 loop.


Want to live like MIDTOWN without  paying the MIDTOWN prices. Just on the other side of the MIDTOWN line is the Historic Freedman’s district. One of Houston’s oldest neighborhood’s, this area has a ton of investment opportunities for residential homes. More importantly this area has been currently under renovation, just as MIDTOWN was 6- 8 years ago, however this neighborhood boasts some fantastic advantages. Imagine, having a single family home with a small yard, used as a primary residence or as a rental, only minutes from downtown and neighboring one of Houston’s hottest neighborhoods. Now, imagine investing early (now) and saving your self hundreds of thousands. Freedman’s town is a uniquely promising investment opportunity inside the 610 loop. Again, it pays to know someone who is “in the loop” about residential properties in Houston.

(Read about Eado after viewing The Zebra Realtor's video tour of MIDTOWN)



EaDo is Houston’s hot new thing. Anyone on the property investment scene understands the importance of branding an area and Houston’s EaDo (East Downtown) is catching fire. The neighborhood calling it self the “Art and Soul” of the city is following the highly successful model developed by the MIDTOWN management group. The difference for today’s investor is that there are still large tracts of real estate available, allowing both investors and first time home buyers an opportunity to get in before prices skyrocket.  EaDo will be amazing when completed; it is in walking distance to Discovery Green park, Houston Convention Center, Toyota center and Medical District. Eado is a direct corridor to Houston’s Urban core.


Investor Tip:


From Midtown to EaDo the core surrounding the southern end of Downtown Houston is being developed at an alarming rate. Yet, there is one piece of the pie left untouched. It doesn’t have a hipster name, or a fancy management group behind the neighborhood. It is the only natural place left to begin residential development. I am referring to the area around The University of Houston Central Campus. Currently it is simply referred to as the 3rd Ward. Can you imagine it called East U, home to newly built town homes, with access to Houston’s Light rail. More importantly the newly constructed UH Football stadium will bring in the night life and restaurants as Saturday games at UH stadium become a destination event. Get in on the ground floor by investing in a project home, whether it be for yourself or to rent.

Ultimately, Houston is a great place to invest in residential property. In fact it was named one of the top 5 markets to invest in residential homes in 2013, by Home Vestors of America, INC. Nevertheless, investing in a home whether it be a primary residence or a rental investment it pays to know someone who is “in the loop,” that is one who understands the trends of the Houston market and how best to protect your interest. With that in mind feel free to contact me, Amy Lynch Kolflat, the ZEBRA REATOR. I specialize in putting people in better places!




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