It takes two to tango...LISTING & SHOWING AGENTS and the VALUE of feedback!

Real Estate Agent

My request...lets honor and respect each other and work to provide feedback when showing homes AND as listing agents set up your lockbox/supra so it triggers a request with your property identified. 

With the use of the supra here in CA, as long as the listing agent has it set up and "connects" the key box to the home address...the system will prompt both the showing agent and notify the listing agent simultaneously! 

Im still amazed at the number of listing agents who NEVER set this when I've shown 10 properties in a day and get prompted for 10 feedbacks...when logging into supra ekey to give'll typically see about 40% of the requests for feedback as "blank"...meaning I have no idea which home that was...thus cant give feedback. 

So as agents on both sides of the transaction we need to help us help each other and ultimately our sellers and buyers.

1. Listing agents set up and use the tools to the max that you have!

2. Showing agents please take the time to provide feedback. 

Together we can help get homes sold!

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