5 Smart Ways to Capture More Short Sales Leads

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Capture More Leads Online

Foreclosure rates have increased over the last few years and sellers are taking advantage of short sales to avoid foreclosure. This kind of sale allows sellers to settle for a price that is lower than the payments they are supposed to make to their mortgage lender. In this case, the lender forgives some of the loan. The seller prevents a foreclosure and a buyer gets the property at a lower price. Lenders also benefit because they do not have to unload the property. If you are an investor or realtor, there are various ways to get listing for real estate short sales.

Mine the Online Public Records

One of the best ways to get information on these kinds of sales is through online public records. The records offer comprehensive details for every county. You can get listings on pending foreclosure in your area and contact the sellers directly. This saves you a lot of time because the search is narrowed down to a particular area. Contacting the sellers directly also allows you to get an accurate price for the property you are interested in. Simply google

Build a Website and Optimize It

You can also develop a website and optimize for certain keywords that specifically target the short sales. The site can be optimized for a certain city. Keywords like “short sale in Florida” can be valuable to make your search easier. AcreTech.com is a great option if you want search engine optimization for real estate sites.

Subscribe to Foreclosure List Services

If you are in search of short sales, it will be helpful to subscribe to foreclosure lists. Most of the free online foreclosure listing tends to be wrong and outdated. Subscribing to one ensure you get access to reliable listings as soon as the properties are available. The lists will include several properties that are going through the foreclosure process. It is also possible to narrow down your list. The lists are provided by reliable providers and they offer comprehensive details about each property. The lists include price, size, pictures, advanced mapping, and number of rooms.

Buy Quality Real Estate Leads from Trusted Vendors

This is another great way to get listing for real estate short sales. You can purchase leads for property owners who want to sell their houses. There are various lead vendors on the internet such as needtosellmyhousefast.com. This site collects wholesale real estate leads from owners who are motivated to sell homes from different states in the country. People who are about to loose their home visit this kind of websites to find a quick way to sell their houses, and in turn, sell this information to realtors and investors. It is effective because allows you to get in contact with the sellers that have demonstrated interested, and sometimes are desperate to sell.

Use REIFax to Find Underwater Property

A program such as REIFax can also come in handy when you want listings for short sales. This real estates site allows users to come up with prospects and review available properties. It is different from other options because it customizes the search criteria. It can be used by an investor, realtor, or professional in the real estate sector to analyze different kinds of properties. The site specializes in short sale information and this makes it easy to compare various property options.

You do not have to rely on the free short sale listings that are offered for free on the internet. These are often inaccurate and may not offer comprehensive details. You can use these options to narrow down your search to get a lucrative property to sell.

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