Run to Show anyone? Or Qualify the Prospect?

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,

As soon as they phone on your listing, do you run to show the property?  Do you ask any qualifying questions?   Can you afford it?  Have you been qualified by a Lender.  When do you need to move.

Are you under contract [Buyer's Agency Agreement] with another Broker?


Hi there can you show me that listing by the water?

No Problem,  Are you working with an agent?

Yes I am. She is in Toronto but she's unavailable right now.

Are you going to have her show you the property? 

Can't you just show me and I can talk to her?

How about I will show you and you can sign a Buyers Representation Agreement. If you want the property I will be your agent just for that property.

Well that won't work for me....

Well neither will me showing you the property,  without a written agreement.


..because I need to tell my Seller everything I learn about you. Unless you are shopping with me under a Buyers Agency Agreement and I keep your secrets


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