Why Look For Someone You Trust To Help With Real Estate

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Some people look for their own real estate without the help of their agent. Some people just talk to several agents but do not sign up with them as an agent. Others say they have a 'friend' that is helpin them out... Either way, folks are not protected or using the asset they should have by signing up with an agent.

 First of all, if you talk to a real estate agent, but do not sign up with them, they really represent the seller and their interests. Many people do not think about that, and think they are smart to have several agents "working" with them. Unfortunately, when they are disappointed with the agent they talked to they do not think about the fact that they did not really ever have the agent on their team as 'their' agent. We have all heard the saying "nothing in life is free" but it seems that people think that driving them around or taking the time to find them properties should be free.

If people want REAL help to find or sell a home, they need a professional, full time agent that is willing to be committed to helping them make their goal a reality. http://realtorsanantoniotexas.com/home.asp


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Buyers market is the best time to buy...

May 15, 2008 04:28 AM