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Cheektowaga Market: By Zip Code & School District, April 2014

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Do you own a home in Cheektowaga, NY?  

Have you been wondering what is going on in the market?  

Should you sell or stay a few more years?

The 14225 is still holding the lead in # of Active homes on the market, just like March 2014. Homes for sale in Cheektowaga 14227 are asking for nearly $30k MORE than 14225 on average but only selling for about $10k more than 14225.  Last month, 14227's high prices seemed to be keeping them on the market a little longer.  That time frame has dropped below 14225s AVG Days on Market for April 2014. Who's getting the best value?  I'd say homes that were purchased in the Cheektowaga Central School District, paying on average $52/square foot.


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