Internet Etiquette--That buyer has been emailing me!

Real Estate Agent with Smart Green Realty

It is brutal in the virtual world. Buyers and sellers are contacting lots of agents. Buyers don't clue you in. Something really gracious and considerate happened to me this week. After 10 days of emails, I set up appointments to show an out of town couple 8 houses. The one they wanted to see most confirmed and then cancelled at the last minute. I quickly called the listing agent to see if we could get in. Lo and behold, she'd been emailing the same couple about her listing for a month! She too had set up 8 showings for them that day--which they then told her to cancel. What's a well-meaning, hard working agent to do? This agent took the high road. She was mad, of course, but she graciously told me "Go ahead and Good Luck!" I felt really bad. 

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