Taste Specific: How could they pick that kitchen for that house????

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I love the House Hunters phrase "taste specific" instead of ugly kitchen. It would be a dull world if everyone's house looked like House Beautiful. However, real estate is an investment and redoing your kitchen in the trend of the moment is risky if you don't plan to be there for 25+ years. My friend's father was a very successful corporate executive. He moved every 5 to 7 years. He was a serious cook. He redid every kitchen when they moved in to make it white and timeless. By necessity, he had an eye on resale. I just showed a 100 year old, traditional house at a high price. The sellers had recently redone the kitchen in shiny black Euro-style. The bath was redone in tan Tuscan-inspired tile. Normally I love an older house with modern inspiration, but in this house they went too far. A white subway tiled bath and a less jarring, neutral kitchen would sell that house right away in a bidding war.

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