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Flat Fee Real Estate Companies - Why Use Spam Tactics

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I am a proud REALTOR.  I respect the Code of Ethics, I work hard and am proud to Own and Operate an Exit Realty Franchise.  I am Exit Beach Realty.  I've spent a lot of money on my online marketing and MY online marketing is for my customers and agents. I have built a fantastic reputation within the community and with my peers.  The key word being MY online presence that would mean that I would prefer if other companies and businesses would not add their information on my business pages especially those who compete with me.  Is that too much to ask? 

Carol Blawn is an Ormond Beach REALTOR With Exit Beach Realty

Over the weekend, a flat fee company plastered my Google + business page with why people should not use a REALTOR with one of my listings.  I find this absurd and I am a little agitated but more importantly it could have had a direct impact with my relationship with one of my sellers or prevent a potential home buyer from having any interest to see this home.  

Mr. Flat Fee real estate company you are not my competition and I am not yours. So why bother to spam people with your information and use a real estate agents listing?  Where are your listings? 

Here is the point.  I chose to be a REALTOR in Ormond Beach Florida and I do it well.  You chose to be a Flat Fee Company where you sell a menu of services.  Some people continue to go FSBO through your company and some choose to be placed in the multiple listing service. In any event there is plenty of business to go around. I truly believe that! I don't trash talk you and I expect you not to spam my web space.  I work hard and have been fortunate to build a real estate business based on my expertise and referrals.  Believe me you are not doing your company a service with these tactics!

Let me make it clear! You aren't my competition, Flat Fee Companies offer different services than what I offer as being a full service real estate agent at Exit Beach Realty.  What this company is doing is riding on the coat tails of a successful real estate agent and you could be next.  What do you think about this stratedgy and as a REALTOR would you do this to another agent? 

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