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The interim results of my unscientific flooring poll

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How important is Type of Flooring When Selling and Buying a Knoxville Home?

Flooring types is one of the most frequent items on Knoxville Home Buyers wants/needs list, especially hardwood.  As the lending limits have tightend and down payments amounts have increased, many home buyers are finding themselves with less cash after closing, making the need for a move-in ready home of even greater importance.

While Knoxville home Buyers seem to favor hardwood flooring, many Knoxville Seller's do not want to spend money upgrading their flooring to hardwood flooring, thinking "surely it can not make that much of a difference" to a home buyer.  

However, take a look at this "unscientific survey" conducted by Debbie Gartner- "The Flooring Girl"- with Westchester hardwood flooring....the survey results show just how strong home Buyers prefer certain flooring types over the others.

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Original content by Debbie Gartner

mid toned hardwood floorsFirst, thank you all that participated in my flooring poll. This flooring poll is ongoing and you are more than welcome to cast your vote. And, yes, I know it's not very scientific.  But, it's still fun.  Also, I know there are geographic preferences which are sometimes based on house construction, climate, as well as decor/architecture.


So, here are the findings so far (with 46 votes cast).  Most of it is consitent with what we are seeing here in the flooring market for westchester.


What is your preferred flooring surface for the kitchen?

  • 46% Hardwood
  • 43% Tile
  • 4% Vinyl
  • 4% Laminate
  • 2% Cork

This is fairly consistent with what I would have expected, except that in the Westchester/NY area, there tends to be a bit more a preference for hardwood over tile (whereas in warm climates, there is more of a preference for tile).


light hardwood floorsWhich type of flooring do you prefer for the living room?

  • 93% Hardwood
  • 7% Carpet

As expected, the overwhelming majority prefer hardwood floors in the main/common areas of the home.  


Which type of flooring do you prefer for the bedroom?

  • carpet in westchester56% Hardwood
  • 44% Carpet

This is consistent with what I see from my customers - they are split on their preferences for the bedrooms.  In our area, for houses that have poor insulation, many customers prefer carpet for the warmth they provide (and lower energy bills).


Which shades of hardwood flooring stains do you prefer?

  • 26% Dark
  • 62% Mid-tone
  • 12% Light

This one surprised me as it is inconsistent with what I'm seeing in the Westchester/NY area.  Here, there is a strong preference for dark hardwood floors. And, this is followed by light hardwood floors.  I'm not sure if these results are skewed based on area of the country answering, low sample size or people's definition of mid-tone vs. dark vs. light.  I will say I go on plenty of appointments and aks people what they prefer and their answer is inconsistent with what they actually pick once they see the stain choices.  Funny.


Which tones of hardwood stains do you prefer?

  • brazilian cherry86% Browns/golds
  • 14% Reds

This is very consistent with what I see.  Reds tend to be very polarizing and only a minority of customers prefer these tones.


While these results may not be scientific, they are directionally correct and mostly consistent with what I see on a daily basis.  Hopefully, this info will help you, especially if you have sellers contemplating what to do with their floors before they put their house on the market. This may provide some guidance on what is most appealing to the largest set of buyers.  If, however, someone is living/staying in their house, it's most important that they choose something that they like.


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Debbie Gartner
The Flooring Girl - White Plains, NY
The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers

Thank you so much for reblogging and your perspective. Yes, hardwood flooring definitely helps sell homes and for regular houses, this really is a must have.  Great perspective on buyers having limited cash up front. I definitely would agree w/ that, esp after you factor in closing costs, moving expenses and down payment.

May 06, 2014 12:32 AM
Debbie Gartner
The Flooring Girl - White Plains, NY
The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers

Hi Christine.  Oh, they changed things during one of the latest updates.  You can no longer change the title of reblogs.  I wish you could. And, maybe some day they will add this back. 

May 06, 2014 10:00 AM