Count Your Blessings!!!

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Count Your Blessings!

We all have challenges… every single day. Some big. Some little. I know you have heard the saying that "it isn’t so much what happens, but your reaction to it.” Or “at every given moment, we have the abilty to change our attitude!” Sometimes, though, we get stuck in our default reactions and don’t remember to choose wisely!

The first part of this year has been punctuated with several challenges that have tested my positive nature and resolve. Some not of my making….

(Oh, really Joeann?-you’re taking no responsibility for what shows up in your life? Wait until the word gets out on this!).

Some challenges are just part of life. There have been days when I’ve awakened (or when I haven’t slept well) when the first thing I think ISN’T “oh, boy another day!”or even “oh, good, I’m still above ground!”

It is so easy to let my focus slip to what isn’t working rather than to keeping my attention on what is. Maybe it’s just human nature…

but it is cool we humans have that ability at any moment to change our responses!

A Challenge:

  • Make a list right now of at least 20 things you are grateful for
  • All day long as you notice something positive-mentally (or in a journal or Evernote), write it down
  • Each subsequent day, discover at least 5 more things you are grateful for that are different than the previous ones
  • Read this list every time you start to get drawn to what isn’t working

What you focus on expands... you’ve heard that, haven’t you? It’s so true. A few years ago I was having some pain from nerve problems in my hand that was constant and more than just annoying. Finally, sick of trying to fix it, I began to give gratitude each day that I had 2 strong healthy lungs, and a heart without high blood pressure and two legs to walk on and good eyesight! Wow! I could go on and on… and I know that focus helped shift me away from experiencing the pain and opened up a pain-free shift! Are you focing on what you truly want? Or on what you don't have yet?

A few other good tools have helped me through this year’s challenges:

1. I start and end my days with journaling my gratitude. I was introduced to the 5 Minute Journal by one of my favorite mentors, The Four Hour WorkWeek guy, Tim Ferriss. I subscribe to his Quarterly and this Journal came in one day late last year. It really does only take 5 minutes, and you'll center and focus your intentions for the day, starting with gratitude!

If you use the Tim Ferriss code, I think you can still get a discount. (Order 2-get 10% off. code: TIMFERRIS2 or order 10 for 25% off. Code: TIMFERRISS10)

2. My favorite book so far this year is E-squared — Nine do-it-yourself Energy Experiments that Prove your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout. The book has been really fun to read. Pam has an engaging and humorous writing style that will challenge your rules for how things work. I’ve been manifesting unexpected $1000 windfalls regularly since December by using experiment #3! How fun is that? Her final experiment is aligned with my challenge to you on gratitude.

I am also grateful for you…… that you read my blog posts; for those of you engage with me online and in person and for the blessings I have received from knowing you. What are you grateful for? 

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