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I will keep this blog short and quick. I just wanted to share a funny story with you. When I was 18, I wrote my mother a check on Mother’s day for 100K dollars.. She looked at the check, and asked me, if I was trying to put her in jail? I said, of course not mother, I really love you, and it’s a promise to you, one day you will be able to cash this check on Mother’s Day. You can't cash it today, but you will be able to cash it in the future, I promise.. I just told her to hold onto it as a promise, that I would make her proud of me one day and pay her back as best as I could for all the hard work she put in for me.

Well, as a Realtor, I learned one of the most important business skills in life, which would be critical to my business, is follow up. Last month, I asked my mother, if she still had that check, and of course, she looked at me like, YEAH RIGHT. She forgot I even gave it to her..That hurt, did she think she would never be able to cash it, or, did I take to long to get back to her? :) So the moral of the story is, if we don’t stay in touch, or if we lose touch, or if we take to long, we may never be able to cash in, on promises made long ago. :)



If you’re lucky enough to still have your mother around, cherish her!! If your mother has passed, celebrate any mother in honor of yours.. Mothers sometimes have to put up with good kids and bad kids, or SLOW kids, and they love us all the same, most of the time unconditionally! For that, I love my mom!!

Hope you all have a Happy Mother’s day, and lets stay in touch!


Happy Mothers Day 2014 Jamar James

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