10 Tips to take a better picture

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10 Tips to take a better picture (taken from a Milford Patch ad): Play to Your Strengths: Whether it's your hair, your eyes or your smile, make sure to draw attention to your greatest asset, says New York portrait photographer Kristen Blush. If you've got a great collarbone and neck, make sure to wear a top that shows them off; if you have luscious lips, let the world know with a bright color. Added bonus: "If you draw attention to your best feature, you'll look confident, which makes for a better shot," Blush says Sharpen Thy Gaze: Look right into the camera. Sure, magazines may run pictures of models staring dreamily into the distance, but most of us look better making eye contact with the lens. That doesn't mean you can't tilt your head to highlight your best angle, though. See: Lea Michele or Blake Lively, who look friendly and natural Posture Makes Perfect: You don't want to look rigid or slouchy. On the red carpet, Kristen Stewart is posing for the best pictures, not just standing there and hoping the shots come out well. "Think about whether you like to be photographed standing, leaning or sitting down. I don't like to sit for a picture because my best feature is my height," says Blush, who is 5'11 Say Cheese: (and Only Cheese) Nobody ever had a good picture taken while talking—or chewing, sipping or telling that story with the crazy hand gestures. So stop what you're doing, pay attention to the photographer, and smile. Think of something that makes you laugh. Imagine your fellow party-goers naked if that's what it takes to break into a winning grin. Be a Sharp Shooter: The mechanics of taking a picture on many smart phones is surprisingly counterintuitive. Just tap the button, right? Nope. What actually takes the picture on both iPhone and Android phones is removing your finger from the button. So avoid those blurry shots on Facebook by holding your finger on the button until you have your photo lined up,then gently removing it. You'll get a clearer, focused shot. Hats Off: Hats and glasses may look stylish in person, but take them off for photographs. Brims cast a dark shadow right across our most expressive feature — the eyes — while sunglasses completely cover them up. Regular glasses, meanwhile, can reflect an ugly glare if the flash goes off. Celebrities know this; apart from paparazzi-style street shots and the beach, you never see them in hats or glasses. Shake Up the Makeup: It definitely takes more makeup to stand out on camera, but that doesn't mean you should go over-board. Focus on using eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes, the most compelling part of a portrait. This is something Eva Longoria always gets right. Also be sure to carry face powder to diminish shine, so you can sneak in a touch up Style Yourself: Of course celebrities look good on camera—they have personal stylists to advise every sartorial move. We can't all be so lucky, so before you head out, give yourself a once-over. The blaze of a flash can pick up stray threads, kitty hairs and deodorant flakes, so treat yourself to a lint roller. Beware of sheer fabrics, which can reveal more than you planned (One tip? Take a selfie, or have your roommate take one, with the flash on as a test). Be Hair Aware: You'll want to tame any flyaway strands before you pose, but there's more to it: Hairstyle makes a big difference in the way your face looks on camera. "If you've got a big forehead, get bangs," says Blush. "They keep the forehead looking proportional." And as a rule of thumb, bigger hair is better, because it frames your face and expands your presence in the photo. So fluff with your fingers before the shutter clicks. Learn From Your Mistakes: Don't be that girl who says "ugh, I never look good in photos!" Think Tyra Banks got to the top without some serious self-critique? Think again. Study bad pics to figure out what works and what doesn't. And don't be shy: Take practice shots of yourself at home until you get the look you want (ask a friend if selfies aren't helpful). You'll be more confident the next time someone starts snapping.

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