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Spend an Hour - Gain 20 Seconds

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Spend an Hour - Gain 20 Seconds

  In the span of 20 seconds, a person can:

*Become annoyed waiting for an elevator.

*Get bored with a Web page and click away.

*Fall in love with someone.

...And even fall in love with a house.

     A new study shows that sellers have just seconds to attract an interested buyer online.  Curb appeal should really be thought of as 'Main Internet Picture Appeal'.  The study, by the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University Norfold, VA., confirms what real estate agents know: The main photograph of the house's exterior is the make-it or break-it feature of online advertising.  

     According to a new study, internet house shoppers, which this day and age is just about everyone, actually spend two seconds evaluating the main picture.  If the exterior view grabs them, they will spend 20 seconds and in that time, all things being acceptable, you might have a potential buyer!

     That's why it is so important to have great photos available when you are listing your home for sale.  In this study, it shows that 95 percent of interested viewers spend 20 seconds looking at the photo of the exterior of the home, suggesting that people 'try on' a home just as if they were shopping for a suit or a dress.  The lining or material might matter, but appearance is what draws them to the item in the first place.

     Experts say the photo should be up to date, showing the home as it appears today, and showing how the home looks seasonally.  You might include a snow shot IF the home looks especially fetching in the winter, but make sure it isn't the main picture on the page.  For spring and summer, stage your main home picture with pots of blooming flowers or a fresh wreath on the door.  In addition, the main picture should show the home trimmed, tidy and ready for company.  The study's conclusion suggests that if you need to attract people inside, you'll want to spend some money on the outside.  If you want to sell, cut down that shrub you have been meaning to take out.  Perk up the flowers, plant that evergreen, then take your photo.  According to HGTV, investing in curb appeal (or picture appeal) often returns the most value for the money.  Overall, the house hunter will spend 60 percent of his time on the listing viewing photos, therefore, you should consider the pictures on the Internet as important as what the potential buyers see in person.  

     What does all of this mean for buyers?  It makes them feel lucky!  The manicured yard and pleasing entry won't raise the price of the home for you, but the buyers know from the outset that the property is in good condition and well taken care of.  Ultimately, the hope is that they can picture themselves living there and you have made your sale! 


If you'd like to know about homes in the Walnut Creek area, contact me!  I would love to help you prepare your home and take the photographs to make that sale. 


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