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To All Our Mothers

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earthheart1Dear Mothers of the World,

We as the human race would like to thank all mothers for your unconditional love. When no one will listen to us you always do. You do this even though we sometimes ignore you when you ask us for our time or attention. When we need to be consoled you are always there. We know that you will always take our side and help us find peace even in the face of our wrongdoings. Thank you for telling us about the mistakes we will make and being there to catch us when we make them. There are times we take you for granted because, like our senses, we believe you will always be there. Even knowing this you are unwavering in your feelings toward us. It is said that God made the world in 6 days and then he rested on the 7th. Afterward came man. It is somewhat evident that man could not emotionally survive alone so God made women. It is obvious that he could not fit his greatness into one being and like any good creator made sure he perfected the second being. If, as it is written, God is the father of man then he made women to be our mother. For this we are thankful. By creating mothers man has been moved closer to understanding the love of God that is embodied in every one of them and awaits us in eternity. Our home is the earth for now. Without mothers it would simply be a place we inhabit. With them we get a glimpse at the love that awaits us forever. It is this love that has, and will, allow us to survive until we reach that pinnacle. To all our mothers, thank you and happy Mother’s Day!

Jeffrey C. Hogue