Buying a house is

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Real Estate Opinion: Buying a house is one of the important ways people shape their lives. It is important to live in a place that feels comfortable and relaxing. People want to capture their good memories, recreating and expanding and sharing them with family and friends. After finding that ‘feels right’ house a house inspector is hired. After twenty five years of attending house inspections I have met two kinds of house inspectors: those that are good (and rare), providing an empirical assessment of property and the garden variety CYA, Chicken Little inspector. The latter examines the components of a house while telling buyers that even if something is not broke and may be functioning correctly and has been to this point it may break tomorrow and you need to begin to budgeting for a new whatever. Consider the opinions of inspectors and others but use common sense and if something is discovered that you can’t get passed then move on but make it your decision. There is no perfect house just like there is no perfect family, friend or lover. Good feelings must outweigh the bad or happy will live somewhere else. How enjoyable would driving a car be if you drive down the highway thinking that at any moment a tire may blow out flipping you over and then… I remember one couple that bought a house - that house had an in-ground oil tank, asbestos on pipes, fuses not breakers, 60 amp electric service, and termites but somehow managed to create a beautiful home and raise beautiful daughters and entertain friends and family. They took a house and polished it that is what buying a house is about. Listening to the opinions of family, friends and inspectors are good but ultimately the decision is yours, the buyer, and no one else knows what home feels like to you, it is like love, hard to explain but you know it when you feel it. So find a house that can be your home, throw a party I bet people show up and make merry; have you ever know someone to throw a party and no one showed?

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