Are you looking for trees in your own forest?

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Are you looking for trees in your own forest?  I own all the real estate how to books and read about the new latest and greatest how to get more sellers or buyers from time to time.


However, I am finding that looking at other successful businesses totally unrelated to real estate gives me some fresh ideas or in many cases confirms some I may have already. You see as a small business owner, I feel it’s always my job to look for fresh ideas that can give our team an edge in the market.


             With the internet today, a small firm can offer as much as those big franchised corporations, but more importantly, a small firm can change directions quickly without regard to the cost of the corporate ego. You know what I’m talking about, the guy at the top that thinks it’s a great idea because he/she thought of it and forces it on the whole company. Small companies can look everywhere and do what is truly best for the customers and agents on a moment’s notice.


             I always try to remember that penicillin was an accident as are so many of our great discoveries in history. So don’t be afraid to look for ideas and inspiration in any situation you see. Look for things in big companies that would translate well to your scale, or for things in smaller companies that would “scale up” for your business. You see, innovation and imagination go hand in hand.


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