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I've read several posts similar to this story but I'm still frustrated and trying to figure out exactly how I should respond.

Our company sold a house a couple of years ago and it really was a tough sell.  We had lots of problems with the seller when it all came down to the end.  Well, the new owner has decided to list the home with the broker who brought him to the house when he bought it.  The problem is the listing broker decided to use our pictures on the new listing.

Now, I'm very thankful that he helped in selling the home a couple of years back but, not real thrilled that he stole our pictures.  Our pictures and marketing is one of the things we truly take pride in.  We work hard to get the right shots and spend a considerable amount of time getting them.  

I'm not sure exactly what I should do as we are in a small community and we have to work together to get homes sold here.  I could report them to the MLS as they would take action but don't want to seem petty.  I could contact him directly but can seem petty there too.  

What's the right balance so that I can keep a good working relationship and yet protect our work?

Any thoughts?

Tim Lorenz
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Many years ago a client, from an expired listing, wanted the same pics.  I contacted the professional photographer and purchased the pics.  Then uploaded them.  The agent got angry and told me I had used her pic.  Not knowing I had purchased the pics.

May 13, 2014 12:29 AM