5 Things That Turn Off Luxury Homebuyers

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Luxury homebuyers are demanding and have certain expectations that have to be met.  If you want to make the best first impression and appeal to even the most critical of luxury homebuyers, follow these five simple steps.


1.     Overpricing

Luxury homebuyers are capable of buying high-end homes because they are savvy investors.  These buyers are not about to consider making a bad investment and buying a home that is overpriced.  Overpricing says to a buyer that the seller has unrealistic expectations and they won’t even bother making an offer or even looking at an overpriced home.  You need to find a Realtor that understands how to properly price upper-bracket homes


2.     Bad Staging

Cluttered rooms, old furniture and pictures of your family are a sure way to turnoff a buyer.  Buyers can’t see around these things.  You would be amazed at how an old sofa or Dad’s favorite chair can end up making a house look old and dated.  Hire a real estate professional that has a good quality interior designer to help you “de-personalize” your home and prepare it for the new buyers.


3.     Poor Maintenance

A yard with dandelions, lights that don’t work and carpet that hasn’t seen a vacuum in two weeks says to a buyer that you haven’t cared for your home and they will wonder what major things might be wrong with the home below the surface.  If you can’t do it, hire it done.


4.     Odor

One of the biggest ways to make a bad first impression is to have a fowl odor in your home.  Don’t cook funny smelling foods, put pet beds and kennels in the garage and take out the garbage.  Opening a window, cooking a fresh batch of cookies and running a cycle through the laundry are great ways to freshen up the smell in your home.  Don’t try to cover up a bad odor with plugin air fresheners it only makes it worse.


5.     Bad Real Estate Photos

Photos should be considered one of the most important pieces of your Real Estate Professionals marketing plan.  I am amazed every day that sellers list their home with agents that use cheap photography or even worse - take their own photos.  A good photo is the best way for your home to stand out from the millions of competing listings online.


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Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Video, if you want all those many zero places for the blue blood snarky with the fake Rolex, leased Maserati and is a legend in their own mind, just ask them. You better have full motion, real video with natural sound. For the local area community splash they are brand new to and need help getting up to speed. And video of that 500+ rolling acres with sparkling waterfront and loons singing. To go with the ooh la la sunset, sunrise at the one of a kind Trump Towers.  All your listings deserve that treatment, respect, application for the on demand open house red carpet, VIP razzle dazzle. Welcome to today, not yesteryear limited marketing and expecting an office visit, only local buyers.

May 14, 2014 01:29 AM
A. J. Zaki
REMAX Realty Pros - Boca Raton, FL
Home Finder In Florida

                                                                                                                           Great post! Thank you for sharing.

May 14, 2014 02:51 AM