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There once was a time when open spaces ruled homes. People could socialize from one end of the house to the other, but recently that has been changing.
People are beginning to desire separation and designated rooms again - especially for the kitchen and dining room.
In an age where cooking dinner meant you were watching primetime television that was playing all the way across home in the living room, it is nice to see that people are wanting to designate their time and focus on what is before them.
Having a separate kitchen is also a plus if you are one to entertain guests. With people being in the dining and living room, the kitchen can be 'off-limits' so guests do not have to see the dirty dishes piled up after indulging in an exquisite meal.
Having a designated dining room makes placing a table and chairs easy. Open floor plans can sometimes make placement of a dining table and chairs seem awkward and out of place.
For people that enjoy the idea of both open and closed floor plans, there is an easy way to enjoy both at your convenience. Large doorways, think patio sliding door size, are implemented into walls where pocket doors are implemented. This allows you to close off the kitchen from the rest of the house, or slide the doors into the wall to create an open and airy atmosphere. This hybrid setup is truly a fantastic choice.
Maybe it is for nolstalgic purposes, or just the yearning to change up designs again after having open architecture for so long - either way, rooms with a purpose are coming back hot.

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