Is It a Buyers' or Sellers' Market? Henry County GA 2014

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Henry County's months of supply is 4.2 for the last 12 months, 4.6 for the last 6 months, and 4.3 for the last 3 months.  Months of supply is the number of active listings divided by homes sold.  It gives you an indication of how long it would take to exhaust the current listings at the absorption (closing) rate.  


There is some disagreement on what constitutes a seller's  or buyer's market, but under 5 month's supply is considered a sellers' market by most everyone.  


For the month of April, 2014, every segment of the market was under 5 months of supply except the following:


$150,000-160,000     8 months

$160,000-170,000     7 months

$210,000-210,000     9 months

$220,000-230,000     11 months

$240,000-250,000     10 months

$280,000-290,000     15 months

$300,000-350,000     13 months

$350,000-400,000     13 months

$450,000-500,000     12 months

Nothing was sold over $500,000, so no calculation was possible.  Most people would agree that these price categories with their months of supply would represent a sellers' market.

This is all on resale homes.  If you would like information on what your home is worth or how long it should take it to sell, please contact me.

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