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FOLKS travelling through Lake Oswego need to pack their patience when heading out to drive around and do their errands. Getting to work & school and home for the day is more frustrating.

Iron Mountain Boulevard CLOSURES

DURING the months of May, June and July Oswego Tigard Water Partnership crews will be digging up Iron Mountain Boulevard. Workers will be installing an important water pipeline. There are many deep ditches all over Lake Oswego and at the end of the work day crews cover their work with steel plates. This makes for an extremely uneven road surface. The assphalt used to hold the steel plates in place is messy and can throw road tar up onto your vehicle as you drive accross and the gravel makes a horrible sound as it's thrown up into the wheel wells of the car and kicked against metal parts of the car. OUCH!  

STARTING at 7AM and most of the weekdays (Monday through Friday) until 6PM the stretch of road between Summit Drive and Fairway Road will be closed.

GO TO to see where the latest improvements to the water system are being worked on. There's a map titled "All Work Underway" and click on these links to get the details on road work and water pipeline progress. 

PLEASE try your best to locate different ways to get from point A to point B and we all appreciate your patience. Alternate routes may provide an opportunity to see new sights and explore different streets. There are many spectaular homes tucked away in Lake Oswego so you just might see a property that you didn't know existed.

ALSO, please drive these different routes carefully and watch for children, walkers & joggers and bikers LAW that you may not normally cross paths with. Most everyone is in a rush nowadays and the inconvenient road construction tends to aggrivate people and drivers get careless. 

WORK will be over before Summer's over and crews go back to doing what they do best, create holes in roads somewhere else and cause traffic backups and anxiety in someone else's neighborhood. The goal and flipside of all this construction is ultimately cleaner water for our homes and no sinkholes? That last one may be a stretch. Jobs for work crews...yay! 

Please Travel Safely

Also, take a look at homes listed FOR SALE around Oswego Lake


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Alan Kirkpatrick
Austin Texas Homes - Round Rock, TX
Alan in Austin

Brian: Great localism post and good news for the folks in this county. 

May 15, 2014 07:49 AM
Brian Olsen
Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn & Dunthorpe Neighborhoods, Waterfront, Luxury & Floating Homes - Lake Oswego, OR
Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Group | Keller Williams

Thank you Alan we are excited for new pipes. Have a wonderful week!

All the best to you in 2014

May 15, 2014 08:22 AM