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In the past two days, I have heard two of the world's most profound speaker say that,"God made animals for us to learn from".

This morning, as I got started in my office, I heard this sound in the front yard. It was the same sound I have been hearing earlier in the backyard. As the sound came close and as I search my eyes following the sound, a woodpecker tapping hard on the trees came into picture.

It was such a beautiful serene morning and with Mr.Woodpecker in it makes it all the more a beautiful scenery! I stopped and watch this bird for awhile. The first thing I noticed was it's majestic head. For there, my attention was focused and on what he was doing.  Here was this little bird, stabbing away at a tree so much larger that itself. At times, it stops and looks at the bark and decides to continue stabbing away to get what it wants. Such a persistent little creature!

And there, the word persistence stuck on my head that morning. Mr. Woodpecker, just gave me my lesson for the day! "That no matter how big the situation my seem, when approached from the right angle, it's size is irrelevant and how we handle is most important!"

I smiled and went back to my papers and laptop. A while later, I stopped hearing the woodpecker. I looked out and he was now climbing the tree!

The question for myself now is "Am I looking at the situation from the right angle?" 

Are you looking at the situation from the right angle?

Aha! That woodpecker surely got me thinking!

Beautiful thoughts and beautiful things we learn from animals! Take time to look around...

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Randy Shamburger
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Great information, thanks for sharing.

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May 16, 2014 01:11 AM