Henry County GA Home Sales 2011 to 2014

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Just read a blog by Joe Manasuco in Tallahassee.  He has been tracking the percentage of homes that did not sell for about 5 years.  That is homes that went on the market and expired without selling or the owners withdrew the listings.   Right now that percentage is about 40%, but it was much higher 5 years ago!  It got me to thinking about my market differently.  I have been doing market reports for many years, but had never looked at it like this.

Henry County's not-sold rate (expired & withdrawns) is 33% this year.  2013 was 30%.  2012 was 30.9%, and 2011 was 42%.  That's a pretty hefty rate, but fortunately down considerably from 2011.  There are many reasons why homes do not sell.  Price, condition, location, etc., but it is really interesting to see this statistic.  

If you are interested in selling your Henry County home, I would love to talk to you about being in the 67%!

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