The Home Styles You Can Expect to Find in Overbrook Farms

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One advantage to a city like Philadelphia is its long history. Most people tend to view this in terms of culture, and this old city has a rich history. The same applies to the architecture as changes in style and technology create many different unique neighborhoods. This is especially true of the Overbrook Farms area. Settled by mostly Welsh immigrants, this area has been developing its charm since 1892. If one is thinking to buy a home in Philadelphia, then this area is certainly one you must look at.

  • Nationally Historic:  The Overbrook Farms neighborhood was designated as a National Historic District in the 80’s. These homes were some of the first designed by University of Pennsylvania's architectural program. Thus homes in this area are not only nationally recognized, they are the fruits of some of the first American- designed home styles.
  • Arches and Columns: If there is one impression which comes at you when driving through this historic neighborhood is the stately columned porchesarched roofs, and distinct façades. The homes here are robust and built with plenty of room from the cellar to attic. These home are perfect for growing your family, plus there will be space to customize into offices, game rooms or libraries. 
  • Mature Landscaping: Another advantage of these homes is the landscaping. Since this neighborhood is historic the various elements of the landscape are well established.  This means mature trees, fully grown shrubs and gorgeous gardens. This gives the home a gravitas which simply cannot be matched by a newer home.

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